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These are ten people or things that i find inspire me to create photography:

1. Brooke Shaden

A self taught photographer from the USA, I find her photography to be so imaginative and inspiring. For me, i find that her imagery evokes a sense of innocence contrasted with the harshness of reality.  Her work is inspiring because the ‘worlds’ she takes us to are her own: you can see that the concepts are hers and that she hasn’t tried to copy anyone else’s style.  Also, i find that her imagery is rather dark, playing on the idea that there is no life with out death and no death without life.

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To see more of her work, see her Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/brookeshaden/


2. Miss Aniela (a.k.a Natalie Dybisz)

Miss Aniela is a self taught photographer from the UK. I find that her latest series of work, Surreal Fashion, extremely inspiring. Within this series she pushes the boundaries of beauty and fashion, often combining her model’s with animals or editing her images so that they have a surreal feel to them. I find her work extremely inspiring because she seems to combine fine art and fashion photography to create this hybrid genre that is unique to her.

Storm Door Miss Aniela (1)


Miss Aniela (12)













To see more of her work, go to her Flickr page:http://www.flickr.com/photos/ndybisz







3. Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a famous fashion photographer who is known for his theatrical images.  I love his use of oversized props and vivid hues that adds to the clothes his images advertise. He has shot a lot of images for a wide range of fashion magazines such as Vogue.


Tim Walker (5) Tim Walker (4) Tim Walker (15)











4. Gregory Crewsdon

The work of Gregory Crewsdon can only be described as darmatic and imaginative.  Using a large format camera, he spends months create these elaborate scenes in which we shown a glimpse of an alternative reality that coincides with our own.  I think that is work is extremely intriguing because of the way that he has thought about the actors, lighting, composition and atmosphere and how these components all connect in the final image.

gregory crewdson (11) gregory crewdson



gregory crewdson (2)







Gregory Crewsdon is currently making a film documenting how he creates his images. you can follow the progress on twitter:https://twitter.com/CrewdsonMovie







5. Mercedes Helnwein

Mercedes Helnwein is the daughter of renowned hyperrealist painter Gottifried Helnwein.  Her work, which she create using pencil crayons, consists of images of women who are caught in a moment of sadness and loneliness  Her work is very mysterious which is enhanced by the use of dark heavy shadows and Helnwein portrays her subjects emotions extremely well.

Mercedes_Helnwein[1] mercedes-helnwein-2[1]Picture_1[1]





















I was going to make this post into my top 10 inspirations but i am in the process of creating my own art, photography and fashion blog! Watch this space for more info!



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