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A little under a month ago, I decided to create an Art, Photography and Fashion blog called The Flying Fruit Bowl which I intend to launch in January to March this year.  The decision to create the blog influenced from a few things….


The main source of inspiration was from my tutor at university. When he asked me what I like to do other than photography, I found it quite hard to answer. For the rest of the day, I found myself wondering exactly what else I liked to do that gave me as much satisfaction as photography.


Of course there is a lot of things I like to do other than photography, such as write and listen to music, but I think that it is important for me to focus on photography as I want to make a career out of it. One other thing, which I like to do, is to look at art and photography blogs to get ideas and inspiration for photo shoots. I even have an archive of over 170 photographers that I’ve collected for my own personal inspiration.  Liking to research and archive, I thought that creating a blog would be the perfect choice.


Another source of inspiration came from photographer and student Ashley Joncas, who has single handedly created her own magazine called CXIII.  After looking at the first issue of the magazine, I was quite impressed with Ashley’s ‘Do It Yourself’ attitude, especially the way that she has used herself as the model, photographer and stylist for a lot of the images in the magazine.  After feeling inspired, it made me wonder what I could do to inspire others.


Of course my first choice would be to create amazing images and try to get my work noticed by as many people as I can and gather a ‘following’, but at this particular moment in time I feel that that is unrealistic. From there, I decided that a blog was the right choice as it allows me to, hopefully, inspire others whilst I do something that I enjoy. So without thinking of a name, a colour scheme or any other planning other than the content, I started to email artists asking if they would like to feature on my blog.


The response that I have had so far has been extremely positive and I have, at the time of typing, the work of 13 artists to feature on the blog. This may not sound like much, especially as I’ve sent out at least 140 emails over the last 28 days, but I am happy with it as it a start to creating the blog.


As soon as I have the work of 20 artists, I am going to launch the blog and hopefully it will take off from there.


The final inspiration for my blog, and also reassurance that it is a good idea, came from a message in a Phlearn newsletter that was sent out to all of their subscribers, which I read half an hour before New Year’s Day. The message talked about how during the New Year you should try and do something different, something that starts off as a small idea that could possibly grow into something unexpected (they used themselves as an example).  The best part of the message was where it stated that even if your idea fails and turns out horribly, then at least you could say that you tried something different.


This is exactly how I feel about my blog.  If it becomes something that people like and share and becomes popular then I will be pleased. But even if no one looks at the blog and it doesn’t work out then I will also be pleased.  For me, creating a blog is not about drawing attention to my photography or myself; the blog has been created to inspire others.


I hope that you do take a look at my blog once it’s up and running and I hope that you get some good ideas and inspiration out of it but above all, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it!

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