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I have spent a lot of time over the last few months reflecting on my work as a photographer. I have really tried to evaluate my work, what I want to say, what I like to look at and, photographically speaking, where and who I want to be.

I have decided that it would be a great idea to create a four part series of mini essays (they may turn out to be a bit long, I like writing essays!) about my favorite photographers and artists, as referred to in my super old blog post, My Top 5 inspirations. (It’s a four part series because I have already wrote an essay about Mercedes Helnwein)

Unlike my essay of Mercedes Helnwein, I want these essays to be different. Sure, I’m going to talk about why I like certain people’s work and why I am drawn to it, but I am also going to look at the parts of their work that I don’t like. By talking about both the “good” and “bad” aspects of their work, I hope to really dissect their work so I can figure out why I am drawn to it and hopefully reinterpret these reasons into my own work to make it better.

My essays are certainly going to be based on my personal opinions, which I know not everyone will agree with, but I hope that if anyone reads them, (which would be cool) that they get an interesting insight into a photographer or artist that they did not previously know.

So, onwards to writing Essay 1: Brooke Shaden: A Visionary Photographer or A Good Editor?

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