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The other day, I messaged a friend to compliment them on their work and how cool it looks. Even though we’re at the same university, I haven’t seen her for quite awhile. Her reply to me was that my work looked good to and that it seems that I am keeping myself busy with it.

I found this statement to be quite funny, as I don’t think I am anywhere near busy with my work. I am the kind of person who would happily doing photo shoots every day of the week and I often get annoyed with myself if I haven’t done anything photography related within a day.

My friend’s response led me to think about the question: How busy is busy?

I know people who are busy; they update their social media sites almost every day and are working on several projects, meeting and shooting models as well as getting on with their work for university. I also know people on the complete opposite end of the scale; people who have not updated their portfolios for at least a year. This really makes me question where I fit in onto the ‘busy scale’.

It also makes me think about what it means to be busy. I am I busy with my photography when I am out shooting client and personal work? Or am I busy when I’m browsing the never-ending realms of Pinterest and saving images for inspiration?

I think being ‘busy’ means a different thing to everyone, and I know that I won’t be classing myself as busy until I am shooting at least 3-4 images a week.

What do you class as being busy?

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