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It’s A Colourful World

Colour is one of the most important aspects of my photography, regardless of what genre I am shooting.



I love using colour; the way that it can both hinder and help you to get across the deeper meanings within your images, whilst also being full of ambiguity is such an exciting prospect.

I hardly ever shoot an image purely in black and white, and even the ones that are have been converted after the fact. I am not the biggest fan of black and white imagery but I do have a few plans to shoot some of my own images, maybe even a series, using black and white.

Finding the right balance of colour within an image, is for me at least, an enjoyable yet extremely organic process. Most often than not, I do not determine the final outlook of a ‘completed ‘ image, it is decided with 1-4 hours of editing and around 30+ layers.

Take my two images, The Eleventh Day and These Days:


When placed side by side, they are quite similar in terms of colour but if you look at the layers in both images, you will see that they vastly differ. For The Eleventh Day, there are over 3 times more layers than These Days.

The Eleventh day Layers 1


The Eleventh Day Layers 2


These Days Layers

I use a lot of curves layers (set to luminosity so that only the colour is affected) as well as solid colour layers (often set to colour blending mode) as this decreases the chance of colour banding, which is a nightmare.

So, as you can see, I never take color grading my images lightly particularly as I think that colour is one way to heighten the appeal of images as being otherworldly, not matter how much they are rooted in reality.

In fact, I say colour grading because the main influences for my photography stem from cinematography.

I’ve always wanted my work to be cinematic, so I thought that there would be no better way to do this then to look at and study cinematography, which if rife with interesting colour combinations.

Here are a few of my favourite film stills to give you an idea of the kind of colour schemes I look at:



Director: Lars Von Trier


Inside Llwyn DavisInside Llweyln Davis
Director: The Coen Brothers

RideRide (Lana Del Rey)
Director: Anthony Mendler

Road To PerditonThe Road to Perdition:
Director: Sam Mendes

Director: Steve McQueen

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Director: Wes Anderson

What colours do you use in your work?

What is your favourite colour to photograph and why?

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