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For me, a career in photography seems to be as much about technicality as it is about creativity. Because of this, I’m often looking for websites which can help me to continually learn about the more technical aspects of photography. Here are my favourite 5 websites that I feel every photographer should know about!

Feel free to leave a comment on this post if you know of any other great resources!

1. Phlearn



Easily one of the best photography resources out there, Phlearn was created by the super awesome photographer Aaron Nace.

The website offers free photoshop tutorials which cover all aspects of photography and the content is aimed for both amateur and professional photographers alike.

You can also buy Phlearn PRO tutorials which are recorded and created by Aaron Nace himself, which I would highly recommend!

2. Retouching Academy


Ran by amazing photographers such as Julia Kuzmeko McKim and Michael Woloszynowicz, Retouching Academy is community built to promote and educate photographers about retouching industry. Their aim is to highlight how to exist as professional photographer/retoucher in the current photographical age.

Although the site is heavily based around retouching, I think that it is a great website for any photographer to look at as there is a trove of information that is to be gained from the creative talent there.

3. The Fashion Photography Blog


The Fashion Photography Blog is run by photographer Melissa Rodwell (with contribution from a whole host of other photographers) and it is a priceless source of information for any fashion photographer. This site is one of my go-to sites when I feel that I need to really learn more about the industry and because Melissa is a fashion photographer who is actively working whilst maintaining the blog, you can be sure that the information is up to date and industry standard.

4. Photoshelter



Photoshelter is very different from the other sites I have included on this list. Although it primarily serves as a ‘make your own website’ site, I have found their resources page, featured above, to be highly valuable. With photography guides spanning a range of subjects such as pricing your work to how to marketing, you are bound to find information that is useful to your chosen genre.

5. The Breed



Founded by  Marius Troy and Melissa Rodwell, The Breed is the ultimate fashion photography resource. Unlike most of the other sites above, without singing up for a paid membership, The Breed really won’t help you that much, as most of it’s content is exclusive (and rightly so) to it’s members. Even so, The Breed offers advice on a range of topics from what to expect from a photography agent to how to build up a great portfolio. Although I haven’t signed up as a member to this site just yet, I imagine that it would be well worth the money!


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