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5 Awesome Photographers I’ve Recently Discovered Through Instagram

Out of all of the social media accounts I have, Instagram is definitely the most recent one I’ve joined, and, to be honest, I think it’s one of the most adaptable for photographers. Not only do I feel that people are more engaged on Instagram, I have a bunch of amazing and contemporary photographers. Here are 5 of my most recent favourites:

1. Mark Bruce



As a long time fan of studio lighting, I think the work of Mark Bruce is stunning. Not only does Bruce shoot the coolest models, but he has managed to develop a really contemporary shooting style that showcases his knowledge of lighting setups. His work totally inspires me to want to jump in a studio and practice the all important one light setup.

2. Patrick Joust



Although I’ve seen Patrick’s work over on Flickr, it wasn’t until I saw his work over on Instagram, that his images really caught my attention. Shooting the most amazingly cinematic landscapes, his work evokes a deep sense of longing and wanderlust that makes me want to travel the world.

3. Nico Quinteros



As a photographer who shoots new faces for modeling agencies, I am always looking at the how other photographers approach such shoots. Nico Quinteros is my most recent discovery. His style of photography is very simple and clean, and by shooting in black and white, one can appreciate his amazing use of lighting.

4. Amber Grace Dixon.



I really love the work of Amber Grace Dixon. Similarly to Nico Quinteros, Dixon shoots a lot of agency models. As a resident of London, UK, I am always captivated by her eye for detail and her use of very cool locations. I also love the way that her images are very natural and simple; not overcomplicated by too much editing or styling.

5. Karina Szuter



A photographer based in Sweden, the work of Karina Szuter is amazing. Working mostly in the studio, her work shows how rewarding the collaboration process can be, and how much a studio is a vital workspace for a photographer. Personally, I really love the way that her lighting setups are quite simple, and her trademark dark background really emphasizes her choice of editing in colour or black and white.

How you discovered any awesome photographers on Instagram and are you on Instagram? Please share a link to your favorite photographers, or your own profile in the comments section below! I always love finding new inspiration!

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