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Hey all!

When I’m not out shooting or editing images, I try and watch lectures about photography that can really help me to understand the way that the medium is viewed by different parts of society,

I’ve realised that it is very easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is going to understand my work and look at it in the way that I intend for it to be viewed, but this just really isn’t the case!

Watching lectures that talk about photography is a great way to broaden your knowledge of the subject and to gain a better understanding of how one talks about their work. Here are 5 of my favourite lectures that have really inspired me recently. A few of them are produced by B&H, ad I’m not trying to promote the brand or anything, they just make awesome content!

1. Better Photographic Composition- Beyond The Rule Of Thirds

2. Photography and the Art world

3. Using Photography To Creative Visual Narratives

4. Lecture By Jeff Wall

5. Being Creative & Getting The Shot

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