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Whenever I shoot with a new face, whether from an agency or from Model Mayhem, I always give them one piece of advice; to look at and study fashion editorials. Even if they are not necessarily going into the editorial genre, studying fashion editorials can be a vital way for models learn about posing techniques; how to show the garment they’re wearing in the best light. Also, I think that it can be a great way for models to understand the different types of lighting situations that photographers use and how they can prepare for these.

As a photographer, I find studying editorials to be extremely rewarding and helpful for all kinds of shoots. Even if i’m planning a simple portrait session, I’ll be thinking about how I want the model to pose, the colour grading and colour palette, the location and, ultimately, the story that I am trying to tell through the series of images. Looking at editorials really helps me to understand how a series of images can be linked together to create a cohesive and informed narrative or style.

Although I like browsing through pinterest, or google images to find great images, I prefer to have go-to websites where I know that I’ll find inspiration that is current.

Here are my top 5 websites to find great fashion editorials and inspiration.

1. The Fashionisto

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 18.31.35


I love menswear, and, after shooting more and more male models, I’ve really started to develop the habit of looking at more and more menswear editorials. The challenging thing about shoot male models and menswear is that unlike womenswear, types and styles of clothing a lot more limited, therefore, photographers can often feel stuck about how to photograph men in a variety of ways.

My favourite menswear website by far is The Fashionisto, which covers not only editorials, but campaigns, portrait sessions, Fragrances, Lookbooks and Swimwear.

2. Before You Kill Us All

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Before You Kill Us All is a blogspot all about fashion; both menswear and womenswear. It features inspiration from a very wide scope of the fashion industry, such as Fashion Week, Menswear, Artists, Ready to Wear, and, best of all, Designers, who I feel can sometimes be overlooked.

3. Vulkan Magazine

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Vulkan Magazine is one of those contemporary magazines that I would love to how my work shown in. I think that not only is the content on point, but the website’s online editorials have a really cohesive thread that showcases the width and breadth of editorial photography today. As someone who really wants to shoot more editorials, I think that this is a great website to look at to understand how rewarding the collaboration process can be. Vulkan Magazinw also allows photographers and creative individuals to submit their own for a chance to be featured online or in print!

4. Design Scene (& Male Model Scene)

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http://www.designscene.net/ & http://www.malemodelscene.net/

Design Scene, and it’s menswear counterpart, Male Model Scene, or my go-to websites for fashion editorials. The best part about both of these websites is that they have directories link, which lists modeling agencies, photographers and creative talent agencies. This is vital information to a whole manner of creative individuals, and I’ve personally used this directory to find modeling agencies to test with!

5. The Dapifer

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Easily the newest and most recently discovered on the lisr, The Dapifier is an online magazine-slash-website site that allows photographers and other fashion industry professionals to submit their editorials for a chance to be featured both online and/or in print. Run by Lakenya Kelly, The Dapifer is probably one of the most exciting and current places to have your work featured.

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