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I love watching talks about photography. Since university, I’ve realised that going out and actually shooting is such a small part of a photographer’s career. A large, often overlooked part is the refining and learning new techniques and discussing your work. I’ve always thought that thinking about where you’re work fits into the wider spectrum is very important and being able to discuss and talk about what you do is so important!

Here are 5 photography talks & lectures that have seriously inspired me, and I hope they do the same for you. If you know of any good photography talks, please share them in the comments section below!


This was probably the first ever lecture I watched on Youtube that really made me change my pracitice. Previously, I had never thought about using speedlites, or any external flashes in my work. As soon as I watched this, I immediately went out and brought a Neewar TT680 Flash and it has improved my work so much!

2. Cig Harvey

I had actually never heard of Cig Harvey before I watched this, but I was looking for more lectures/talks about fine art photograph. As a genre that is not so structured, it was hard to find a lot of interesting talks in which the photographer talks about their ideas. The fact that Harvey shot self portraits in square format really helped my own similar work.

3. Cindy Sherman from 4 Sides

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Cindy Sherman’s work, so when I found a super long talk about her work, I just had to watch it! What I love most about this particular talk is that you get a sense of how many different interpretations can be taken from one photographer’s work. I think that this is such an important lesson for all creatives!

4. Duane Michals on His Career

I love hearing photographers talking about their own work. In this internet led age, it is easy for us creative to hide behind our screens, being able to compose and edit what we say about our work, so it was great to watch a photographic legend like Duane Michals explain his own work in his own way, with no outside influences.

5. Shooting with Models

I watched this talk way back before I started shooting new faces, and it was a really good eye opener as to what to expect when working with others. Not only does the photographer give really good advice, but I think that his approach and passion is very obvious.

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