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5 Photography Talks on Youtube

I love watching talks about photography. Since university, I’ve realised that going out and actually shooting is such a small part of a photographer’s career. A large, often overlooked part is the refining and learning new techniques and discussing your work. I’ve always thought that thinking about where you’re work fits into the wider spectrum is very important and being able to discuss and talk about what you do is so important!

Here are 5 photography talks & lectures that have seriously inspired me, and I hope they do the same for you. If you know of any good photography talks, please share them in the comments section below!


This was probably the first ever lecture I watched on Youtube that really made me change my pracitice. Previously, I had never thought about using speedlites, or any external flashes in my work. As soon as I watched this, I immediately went out and brought a Neewar TT680 Flash and it has improved my work so much!

2. Cig Harvey

I had actually never heard of Cig Harvey before I watched this, but I was looking for more lectures/talks about fine art photograph. As a genre that is not so structured, it was hard to find a lot of interesting talks in which the photographer talks about their ideas. The fact that Harvey shot self portraits in square format really helped my own similar work.

3. Cindy Sherman from 4 Sides

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Cindy Sherman’s work, so when I found a super long talk about her work, I just had to watch it! What I love most about this particular talk is that you get a sense of how many different interpretations can be taken from one photographer’s work. I think that this is such an important lesson for all creatives!

4. Duane Michals on His Career

I love hearing photographers talking about their own work. In this internet led age, it is easy for us creative to hide behind our screens, being able to compose and edit what we say about our work, so it was great to watch a photographic legend like Duane Michals explain his own work in his own way, with no outside influences.

5. Shooting with Models

I watched this talk way back before I started shooting new faces, and it was a really good eye opener as to what to expect when working with others. Not only does the photographer give really good advice, but I think that his approach and passion is very obvious.

5 Photography lectures you should watch!

Hey all!

When I’m not out shooting or editing images, I try and watch lectures about photography that can really help me to understand the way that the medium is viewed by different parts of society,

I’ve realised that it is very easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking that everyone is going to understand my work and look at it in the way that I intend for it to be viewed, but this just really isn’t the case!

Watching lectures that talk about photography is a great way to broaden your knowledge of the subject and to gain a better understanding of how one talks about their work. Here are 5 of my favourite lectures that have really inspired me recently. A few of them are produced by B&H, ad I’m not trying to promote the brand or anything, they just make awesome content!

1. Better Photographic Composition- Beyond The Rule Of Thirds

2. Photography and the Art world

3. Using Photography To Creative Visual Narratives

4. Lecture By Jeff Wall

5. Being Creative & Getting The Shot

5 Awesome Photographers On Instagram

5 Awesome Photographers I’ve Recently Discovered Through Instagram

Out of all of the social media accounts I have, Instagram is definitely the most recent one I’ve joined, and, to be honest, I think it’s one of the most adaptable for photographers. Not only do I feel that people are more engaged on Instagram, I have a bunch of amazing and contemporary photographers. Here are 5 of my most recent favourites:

1. Mark Bruce



As a long time fan of studio lighting, I think the work of Mark Bruce is stunning. Not only does Bruce shoot the coolest models, but he has managed to develop a really contemporary shooting style that showcases his knowledge of lighting setups. His work totally inspires me to want to jump in a studio and practice the all important one light setup.

2. Patrick Joust



Although I’ve seen Patrick’s work over on Flickr, it wasn’t until I saw his work over on Instagram, that his images really caught my attention. Shooting the most amazingly cinematic landscapes, his work evokes a deep sense of longing and wanderlust that makes me want to travel the world.

3. Nico Quinteros



As a photographer who shoots new faces for modeling agencies, I am always looking at the how other photographers approach such shoots. Nico Quinteros is my most recent discovery. His style of photography is very simple and clean, and by shooting in black and white, one can appreciate his amazing use of lighting.

4. Amber Grace Dixon.



I really love the work of Amber Grace Dixon. Similarly to Nico Quinteros, Dixon shoots a lot of agency models. As a resident of London, UK, I am always captivated by her eye for detail and her use of very cool locations. I also love the way that her images are very natural and simple; not overcomplicated by too much editing or styling.

5. Karina Szuter



A photographer based in Sweden, the work of Karina Szuter is amazing. Working mostly in the studio, her work shows how rewarding the collaboration process can be, and how much a studio is a vital workspace for a photographer. Personally, I really love the way that her lighting setups are quite simple, and her trademark dark background really emphasizes her choice of editing in colour or black and white.

How you discovered any awesome photographers on Instagram and are you on Instagram? Please share a link to your favorite photographers, or your own profile in the comments section below! I always love finding new inspiration!

Untitled (Novella)

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for a very, very long time, but I am planning to be regularly blogging soonish, so this is a quick update for anyone still following my work on here. In many ways, I think that this will be the main port of call for publishing my work online, and I plan to blog a lot more about my images, the processes behind them, online and offline inspirations, and about topics and themes that inform my work!

So here’s is my Novella series so far:

Untitled #1 (Novella)

Untitled #2 (Novella)Untitled #3 (Novella)Untitled #4 (Novella)Untitled#5(Novella)Untitled#6(Novella)Untitled#7 (Novella)Untitled#8 (Novella)Untitled#9 (Novella)Untitled#10 (Novella)Untitled#11(Novella)Untitled#12(Novella)Untitled#13(Novella)Untitled#14(Novella)Untitled#15(Novella)

I’ve finally shot and compiled images #1-#15, with images #16, #17 & #18 sitting on my desktop. I’m quite happy with the series so far, but I really need to travel a bit more and shoot more varying images/landscapes other than buildings and trees, and to get away from all of the greenery in my work! I really, really, want to use other people in this series as I think that it would be great to be able to direct people and consider the human/nature elements of the images a lot more, rather than trying to find images that correlate in some way. Perhaps I should map and plan the images out beforehand? This series was supposed to be more observational and easy going, but it’s actually turned out to become very structured, which I didn’t expect.

I have several favourites from the series so far, such as Untitled #3 and Untitled #11:

For some reason, these image just work aesthetically for me; they seem to ooze a sense of unresolved drama and mystery and I find myself wondering just how each of the images are connected.


Do you have a favourite image from the series so far?

New Year Reflection #1


I shot this image about 4 years ago, in the corner of the common room at university.

I never would have thought that this many years later it would come to be face of my brand, representing the genre bending fine art & fashion work I aim to produce. I’m aware that my work is nowhere near at the level I want it to be and at times I worry greatly about this. But this is a new year. It’s time to let go of any doubts and fears that have held me back. Now is the time to go forward and grow!