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An Experimental Edit

Because the prop I had ordered on Amazon arrived late, I had to postpone my photo shoot for next week.  This meant that I had nothing to do.  Out of sheer boredom, I decided to edit a random image from an old photo shoot.  Halfway through, I decided that I wanted to edit the image differently to how I normally edit an image so I looked at the image, Dark Lands and Evil Plans by photographer Brooke Shaden for inspiration (which just so happened to be the first image I came across looking at the images on my Mac).

I really wanted to use the dark blue/purple tones and yellow highlights of this image and apply it to mine. Most of the editing consisted of Curves and coloured layers.

Dark Lands & Evil Plans

Here is the entire process of the 37 layers from this:


To this:

An Unplanned Edit


Layer 1:


Layer 2:

The first thing I did is add a bit of contrast to the image.


Layer 3:

I raised the highlights a little bit more.


Layer 4:

I added a blue curves layer  to the darker parts of the image.


Layer 5:

I then changed the contrast on the RGB  curves channel to make the image more ‘blue’. I also made the shadows darker and the highlights lighter.


Layer 5:

I then adjusted the contrast on the blue channel whilst adjusting the RGB channel slightly.


Layer 6:

Added a slight contrast ti the RGB curves channel


Layer 7:

Darkened the overall image.


Layer 8:

I added a light yellow layer and set the blend mode to light and the fill to 18%.  This gave the image a slight yellow tinge without being too obvious.


Layer 9:

I made the highlights lighter.


Layer 10:

I then added a deep purple coloured layer and set the blend mode onto Darken and set the fill to 28%.  This darkened the image adding a deep purple to the shadows of the image.


Layer 11:

I then added another light yellow coloured layer and put the blend mode on overlay and the fill on 36%.  This meant that the highlights had a yellow tint to them whilst the shadows remained deep purple.


Layer 12:

I then decided that I wanted the image to be a lot darker so I added a dark blue layer and set the blend mode t multiply and the fill to 19%. This gave the whole image a slightly darker blue tint.


Layer 13:

I then raised the Red and Blue curve channels to give the image a strong purple tint.


Layer 14:

I then darkened the image using RGB curves.


Layer 15:

Raised the highlights slightly.


Layer 16:

Darkened the image further.


Layer 17:

I raised the mid tones of the green curves layer and raised the mid tones of the RGB curves channel.


Layer 18:

I then darkened te mid tones slightly.


Layer 19:

I then Raised the red curves and darkened the green curves.


Layer 20:

I then darkened the blue curves layer.


Layer 21:

I then added a light green layer and changed the blend mode to multiply and set the fill on 16%. This added a greenish tinge to the highlights on the umbrella and back of the subject.


Layer 22:

Raised the blue curves slightly.


Layer 23:

I then adjusted the levels to lighten up the image.


Layer 24:

I added a curves layer to the image and then layer masked it so only the face was lightened.


Layer 25:

Raised the blue shadows whilst darkening the blue highlights using the blue curves channel


Layer 26:

Darkened the shadows.


Layer 27:

Darkened the blue shadows


Layer 28:

Lightened the red curves.


Layer 29:

Lightened the highlights to make them stand out.


Layer 30:

Lightened the red curves channel and darkened the blue channel.


Layer 31:

Darkened the blue channel further


Layer 32:

From here, the overall editing was done, but I decided to play around with the selective colour tool to enhance the colours. Here I edited the green colours, making the highlights look more yellow.


Layer 33:

I then edited the yellow colour to make the highlights more paler.


Layer 34:

Edited the blue colour to make the umbrella a deeper colour.


Layer 35:

I re-edited the yellow colour so that it was less paler.


Layer 36:

I then decreased the saturation of the whole image.


Layer 37:

This is final version of the image.  I opened it on a PC and found that it looked a lot lighter than on my Mac. So i decided to darken it but i didn’t like it looked on my Mac. I decided to re-lighten the image and leave it how it was!

37 opened on pc (looks lighter)